meet the team

Behind every product we manufacture for our customers is the hard work and dedication of the 300+ members of our international team. Their enthusiasm for the company and determination to provide the best possible service embodies everything that Bluechips sets out to achieve. Meet some of them here. 

Thomas zimpfer

managing director

Thomas Zimpfer founded the company in 1999 after several years as an electronic engineer in Asia. After seeing a gap in the market for electronic manufacturing that possessed both the engineering strengths of the West as well as the cost-efficiency of the Asian market, Thomas established Bluechips in the North of Thailand. As the business has grown, Thomas has stayed loyal to this part of the world by overseeing the construction of our new facility and headquarters just 30km from the initial Bluechips production facility. Thomas, alongside the rest of the Zimpfer family, continues to work tirelessly on providing an unrivalled electronic production service to our customers.

Thomas Zimpfer, Managing Director

Sabine zimpfer

administration director

Sabine has been involved in Bluechips from our establishment in 1999 until the present day. Currently our Director overseeing HR, Sabine is tasked with a wide range of vital company functions, including recruiting talented individuals to add to our team as well as maintaining and building upon the team atmosphere within Bluechips. 

Dr.- Ing Heinz zenkner

technical director

Dr. Zenkner joined the Bluechips team as our Technical Director. Heinz comes to Bluechips with a wealth of experience in R&D, EMC-Design and in the EMS industry, particularly with companies in the competitive Asian market. Heinz oversees our R&D and Technical Production departments to ensure that our conceptual design and mass production standards are adhered to at every stage of the production process. 

customer service

key account managers

Our Key Account Team are the crucial point of communication between Bluechips and our customers. The team make sure that they are always aware of the progress of orders and liaise between all of our internal departments to make sure that all of your contact is informative and streamlined.