As an EMS provider, Bluechips has to offer a service that is as versatile as it is efficient. That is why we have offered our customers full product solutions for over 15 years. With our ever-increasing capabilities, Bluechips offers a reliable and cost-effective outsourcing solution for all manner of electronic products.

We place particular emphasis on our ability to be your EMS partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your product. Our infrastructure means that we can take care of your product’s design, manufacturing, quality assurance and delivery – meaning that you save money, time and stress while being guaranteed a high quality finished product.

Our headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand offers our customers an even higher manufacturing output as well as significantly increased capacity and capabilities. Our new production floor was tailor-made for our production needs, optimising our material flow and production processes to offer high-speed, high-quality production. Our production floor offers PCBA and SMT on various lines leading to the production of a wide range of products. Additionally, our previous factory in Lamphun remains operational; providing a dedicated facility for mechanical engineering, housing and cabling. Bluechips has a long history of producing industry leading products for global companies including HMIs, customer-specific monitors, Industrial Control Units, Solar Lighting among many, many more.

We take enormous pride in being a part of the production of some truly incredible products. From concept to completion, we proudly bring your products to market with zero compromise on the quality of your ideas. Contact us for more information about how Bluechips can produce for you.