Bluechips Microhouse Grand Opening

16/10/2015 , 10:22 AM

The new Bluechips headquarters and manufacturing plant in Chiang Mai, Thailand has been officially opened with a Grand Opening Ceremony and Celebration

After years of hard work, commitment and no shortage of patience, Bluechips Microhouse has officially opened our new headquarters and production facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our new home, a unique building amongst the Northern Thai landscape, was officially opened in a Grand Opening Ceremony on Monday, 12th October 2015 as customers, suppliers, officials as well as friends and family came out to celebrate the biggest milestone in our near-sixteen-year history.

Guests were treated to words from the Vice-Governor of Chiang Mai, Mr. Mongkol Suksai, and the German Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. Peter Prügel, who both took the time to emphasise the importance of positive relations between Germany and Thailand as well as praising the work and investment of Bluechips Microhouse in this regard.

Further speeches were heard from Ms. Viyada Wongwigkarn, the architect of the building, who explained several of the striking design features of the building. She highlighted the box shape design that is seen on the exterior of the facility as well as maximising the views for employees so that the workspace could be seen as a place of inspiration.

Words were then heard from long-time friend and customer, Mr. Wolfgang Seel, who recounted the beginnings of Bluechips before commending the growth of the company.

That left the final speech to be made by Bluechips Managing Director, Mr. Thomas Zimpfer. In pragmatic fashion, Mr. Zimpfer was keen to talk about his vision for the building going forward rather than reflect on what has already come. Particular emphasis was given to providing the best atmosphere possible to allow the Bluechips team the space to grow and continue the hard work we put in for our customers.

After the speeches concluded, all that was left to do was officially open the building. In lieu of a more traditional ribbon cutting, Bluechips San Kamphaeng was declared open via a box opening designed to reflect the design of the building. Thomas and his wife Sabine were joined by the Ambassador, Vice-Governor, San Kamphaeng Mayor, Honorary German Consul for Chiang Mai, the Executive Director of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and the San Kamphaeng Police Colonel as the crowd counted down.

With the box open, several of the Bluechips team led guests on a tour of the building, including a tour of our production floor and a demonstration of several of our lines in action. After lunch at a nearby Thai Fusion restaurant, guests were invited back to Bluechips that evening for a more relaxed celebration.

The evening was designed to highlight the global nature of Bluechips. After guests were welcomed with the unusual sight of a hot air balloon, dinner and drinks were served from over 10 of the nationalities represented through our employees. This relaxed atmosphere was supplemented by an evening of live music and a traditional Thai fire show; allowing our local and international guests the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable evening.

The whole Bluechips team would like to thank everyone who came out to our Grand Opening and for giving the next chapter of Bluechips the best possible beginning.

Guests arrive at Bluechips Grand Opening
Bluechips Managing Director Thomas Zimpfer with Diplomatic Guests
Vice-Governor Mongkol Suksai
Chiang Mai Vice-Governor Mongkol Suksai Prepaes to Give a Speech
Guests on Stage at Bluechips Grand Opening
Several VIP guests prepare to help Mr. Zimpfer open the box and officially open our new factory.
Traditional Thai Fire show
Guests were entertained by a traditional Thai fire and flag show