Bluechips Achieves Official SA8000 Accreditation

27/04/2016 , 10:55 AM

Bluechips have achieved official SA8000 Accreditation; highlighting our ongoing commitment to providing a positive and productive working environment for our talented team.

Bluechips Microhouse is very pleased to announce that we have received official confirmation of our SA8000 accreditation. The certification, which is concerned with the lawful and ethical management of the workforce, reaffirms our continued commitment to providing a quality working environment for our team.

By joining the 3000+ organisations enjoying SA8000 certification, we have committed to maintaining a principle of social accountability at every level of the company. In holding this standard, we can not only reaffirm our commitment to our current staff, but we can also continue to attract talented employees to further enhance the Bluechips team.

SGS SA8000

It is our belief that the service we provide to our customers is a reflection of our internal processes. By providing a safe workplace free of discrimination and mistreatment,
we believe that we are providing the best possible working environment for our team to continue improving the service enjoyed by our customers worldwide.