Bluechips Webinar with Elektronik Praxis

09/05/2017 , 14:47 PM

Join Bluechips as we prepare to cooperate with respected German Electronics publication Elektronik Praxis for a pair of informative webinars about areas of innovation in the EMS industry.

Bluechips Microhouse will be participating in a series of webinars with respected German electronics publication Elektronik Praxis with the first presentation taking place this coming Friday, 12th May at 14:00 CEST (19:00 in Thailand). Both webinars will focus on a separate area of innovation within the EMS industry and will be presented by DR.- ING Heinz Zenkner. Mr. Zenkner has been the Technical Director for Bluechips for two years and brings a wealth of experience in the EMS industry; with particular expertise in EMC design and Research & Development.

To sign up for these free webinars, you simply have to register an account on Elektronik Praxis and then click on the link at the following page.

We hope that you will join us for what should be a pair of engaging and informative webinars. Further details about each of the sessions can be found below.

Friday, 12th May – 14:00 CEST  - Inductive Energy and Data Transmission

The first Bluechips webinar will focus on the topic of using inductive energy to power long-term, reusable electronics. Dr.- ING Heinz Zenkner will call upon the example of a reprogrammable, electronic nametag to show the possibilities of long-term power output without the need for a battery. This particular product makes use of a mobile app as well as a RFID/NFC controller to present company data on an ‘electronic paper’ nametag and highlights the benefits of utilizing a design without batteries in order to create attractive, streamlined products.

Monday, May 22nd - 10:00 CEST - Development of a Flexible Carrier System

Our second webinar will use the Bluechips X’Posure V4 Carrier Board (more information available here) as the basis to present and discuss the criteria for creating an EMC-compliant carrier board that meshes practicality with capability.

The webinar will also discuss the practical uses for these carrier boards with particular emphasis on application within the industrial, automotive and medical industries.