Factory Approval Granted for New Facility

21/07/2015 , 10:00 AM

Factory Approval has been granted allowing Bluechips to freely produce in our new facility in San Khampaeng.

Bluechips Microhouse today received official factory approval for our state-of-the-art new facility in San Khampaeng, Thailand. With approval granted, full-scale production can now take place giving Bluechips the potential for significantly increased production capability and capacity.

In keeping with our relocation plan, Bluechips has been gradually moving machines from our current headquarters to the San Khampaeng factory so as not to disrupt our current manufacturing commitments to our customers. This policy will continue until all machinery that is moving has been transported from our current factory to the new one. This approval also paves the way for the repositioning of the majority of our office staff in the coming weeks.

As always, these things do not happen on their own and we would like to reserve special thanks and praise for our excellent QA and Relocation teams for the hard work they put into achieving this significant milestone.