Spirit House

17/07/2015 , 17:52 PM

Bluechips takes an important step towards the completion of our new building by holding the formal Spirit House Ceremony; a custom observed whenever a new building is constructed in Thailand.

Bluechips took an important step towards our upcoming move by hosting the traditional Thai Spirit House Ceremony at our new production facility in San Khampaeng, Chiang Mai. The ceremony began at precisely 8.09am and featured Thai and international managers of the company being guided through the process by a local 'Pharm'; a spiritual woman well versed in these ceremonies.

The modern themed spirit house, which is a signal of good luck for buildings in Thailand, was then constructed and blessed by the pharm. This allowed the temporary spirit house that was in place to be taken down. Overall, the process was an interactive one, as many Bluechips employees played an active role in the ceremony by lighting candles and adorning the spirit house with symbols of good fortune.

With this step completed, the much anticipated move to our new home is now on the horizon. Details of the grand opening ceremony for the new factory will be made available soon with formal invitations to follow.