Bluechips’ corporate strategy  is  focused  on  providing  integrated  and  innovative electronics manufacturing solutions  to  leading  companies,  implemented  by  our experienced and motivated team of employees. We target strong long-term growth by  becoming  the  outsourced supplier  of choice  to  the  best  companies  in  the Automation,  Electronics, Telecommunications, Industrial, Automotive,  Packaging and Consumer markets.

Our development has always been a key part of delivering on this strategy. Our initial development philosophy was to take both the factory and the office to Asia to assure customers of the finest western technology and expertise whilst also benefiting from the low production costs available in Asia.

To further our development, Bluechips employs engineers from all over the world- thus ensuring that all aspects of design, prototyping and production are carried out to Western standards. Our implementation and use of the mySAP system ensures streamlined purchasing and supply, production with rapid response times, comprehensive financial data available when required, and professional, accurate communications with our customers.

Another vital element of our development strategy has been to implement our ‘Start-To-Finish’ program for integrated manufacturing of components or complete products, from design to shipping, all in-house. This assures our customers of seamless product development in the shortest possible time with quality assured at every stage of the process.

Going forward, our development strategy will be one of transferring all of our existing philosophies to our state-of-the-art new factory. Our new production potential will consolidate our position as the electronic outsourcing partner of choice for industry-leading companies the world over.