Bluechips has a proud history as an EMS supplier for a wide range of industry-leading customers. From automation to transportation and sensoric to solar, Bluechips has the experience to effectively supply your business. We have the enthusiasm, commitment and versatility to successfully bring your electronic product to market; no matter what your industry.

You can find examples of our versatility below, showing that our R&D, NPI and manufacturing processes can deliver even the most complex products cost-efficiently and to the standards you deserve.



Along with automation, Bluechips has manufactured products for the sensoric industry for well over 15 years. With a product portfolio including pressure sensors, pH readers, flow sensors and more, Bluechips is capable of precise and effective manufacturing of these products. 


Bluechips has been producing for the automation industry since our establishment in 1999. Our work in the automation industry has seen many of our initial customers continue to rely on us for their electronic production. 

transport & led

In recent years, Bluechips has fostered relationships with several companies in the transport and LED industry. In particular, we have been tasked with devising and manufacturing programmable, energy-efficient display units.

Hmi's & monitors

The Bluechips Research & Development team takes great pride in their versatility regarding monitors and displays; with an extensive portfolio of touch screen devices to show for it. Over the years, we have produced screens ranging from a few millimetres to full-scale monitors; all programmable to the customer's specific needs. 


The precision of Bluechips manufacturing has led to many companies requesting that we devise or improve their Industrial Control Units. As such, we have manufactured ICUs controlling everything from pH, temperature, lighting and air conditioning as well as user-friendly office booking solutions. Our experience with ICUs and HMIs mean we can combine the two technologies for truly innovative products. 


Recently, Bluechips has expanded into the solar power market. Companies using solar power for their electronics have seen great advantages from our stringent quality control and testing policies.