Bluechips has a proud history as an EMS supplier for a wide range of industry-leading customers. From automation to transportation and sensoric to solar, Bluechips has the experience to effectively supply your business. We have the enthusiasm, commitment and versatility to successfully bring your electronic product to market; no matter your industry.

You can find examples of our versatility below, showing that our R&D, NPI and manufacturing processes can deliver even the most complex products cost-efficiently and to the standards you deserve.


Automation & Drives

Bluechips has been producing for the automation industry since our establishment in 1999. The quality of our supply in this area means that many of these companies work with us to this day. With 20 years of experience making PLCs, Controller Boards, Inverters and more, we are happy to discuss your automation requirements in detail. 



Along with automation, Bluechips has manufactured products for the sensoric industry for close to 20 years. With a product portfolio including pressure sensors, pH readers, flow sensors and more, Bluechips is capable of precise and effective manufacturing of these products and counts world-leading companies in the industry among our customers.



The Transportation industry has seen Bluechips foster many long-term relationships with companies serving the public and private sector. We make energy-efficient LED & LCD displays for presenting travel information as well as more elaborate units for ticketing, computing and fleet management.


Industrial Electronics

We offer many years of experience manufacturing durable but efficient devices for use in industrial environments. We have been responsible for producing Industrial Control Units controlling everything from temperature, lighting, office conditions and more. 


Smart Metering

Another of our emerging markets is the growing trend towards smart-metering. Bluechips has several customers working on measurement units, analysis devices and electronic indexes. Our capabilities cover any size or complexity of measurements as required by our customer.


Medical Devices

Bluechips is officially ISO13485 certified, highlighting our quality control regarding the manufacturing of medical devices. Since entering this market, we have been trusted by customers to make several electronic devices including medical display monitors and hearing aids.



As traditional automotive production transfers more and more to electronics based solutions, Bluechips has refined our service accordingly. We can now support customers with displays, power solutions, on-board computers and more; all tailored directly for the growing e-mobility sector.


HMIs & Monitors

Throughout all our active industries, a common theme is that we make cost-effective, functional Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) as well as a range of monitors and displays. Our R&D team offer versatility and creativity in developing these products and can produce touch screens programmable to your every need. 


Parking Industry

As the technology of the parking industry has grown, Bluechips has been able to support customers with more advanced products. We have helped our customers in areas such as ticketing, displays, touch screen terminals and sensor technology designed to optimise parking efficiency.