HR Assistant Manager

24/03/2022 , 15:27 PM

This position will have substantial responsibility in managing and enabling Bluechips personnel to excel in their roles and help the company goals.


  • Support and control HRM & HRD functions while following labor laws and ISO standards.
  • Responsible for employee relations and engagement survey.
  • Create, implement and maintain programs for staff retention.
  • Control performance evaluations and recruitment process.
  • Assist HR department throughout department function.


  • Fluency in spoken English is essential.
  • At least 5-10 years experience in HR function.
  • Good knowledge of HR operational flow, procedure and policy.
  • People-oriented, emotionally-intelligent team player.
  • Good strategy and planning skills.
  • Detail-oriented, business-minded individual with high levels of integrity.  

Please apply here and mention HR Assistant Manager in your application.