Operations Manager

06/06/2023 , 12:48 PM

This position involves working closely together with the Senior Management as well as the production departments to ensure that all the processes are running efficiently.

operations manager

Bluechips is looking for an individual who is going to represent the direct link between the Senior Management and Production. The main priority is to implement lean strategies in order to make sure that the production processes on our customers' products are running as efficiently as possible.



  • Formulate strategic and operational objectives in the factory and lead execution
  • Improve operational management systems, processes and best practices
  • Analyze data to look at trends and find problems in the factory
  • Ensure that company policies are followed and create new policies and processes
  • Design and on-going streamline production workflows
  • Optimize costs in manufacturing
  • Set team goals and monitor employee production and satisfaction
  • Manage to get customer order or requirements and transform to be action in operations manage and control overall production and supply chain process, staff and supporting activities to meet requirements timely, effectively, safely and smoothly and link/align to business direction, cost effectiveness and customer requirements
  • Mange to research, develop and improve all aspect of manufacturing operations and performance by setting challenge goals and plan as well as budget and manpower planning
  • Manage and control on site management as well as new / modify project management
  • Manage and control the quality assurance to ensure meeting subscribed standards and customer / legal requirements
  • Oversee product design to meet with customer requirements and business direction
  • Support all activities of ISO or any company subscribed standards or systems
  • Initiate alternative for business improvement in term of operations matters
  • Manage and control all staff under operations to comply with work regulations and company procedures as well as good practice
  • Involve with executives in business strategy
  • Encourage and develop staff competency and knowledge transfer
  • Liaising with MD to resolve post sales quality issues, developing new product lines and coordinating purchasing needs for components
  • Collaborate with MD and internal departments to support the development of new product lines and improve quality of existing product lines
  • Liaise with external suppliers to ensure the product specification is accurate
  • Perform / support all assigned cross functional works


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Operations Management, Industrial Engineering or a related field
  • 10+ years of work experience in electronics manufacturing company
  • 5+ years of management experience
  • Driven, self-motivated, hands-on and excellent team player
  • Able to identify weak spots in processes and improve efficiency
  • Strong management and organizational skills
  • Drive team to achieve company targets and KPI’s
  • Able to work in an international team
  • Excellent English communication skills


Please apply here and mention Operations Manager in your application.