Process Engineer

05/06/2023 , 13:38 PM

This position is dealing with process improvements and tries to make the production process as efficient as possible.

Process Engineer

Bluechips is looking for a Process Engineer that is going to work directly with the production floor to ensure that all electronic manufacturing processes are optimised and running as efficiently as possible. Using a strong technical knowledge base, this position is expected to drive our electronics manufacturing to a high-quality and consistent output. 


  • Handle process improvement regarding yield, output, quality and setup times
  • Measure process efficiency and output
  • Implement engineering changes and measure the effectiveness of the changes
  • Minimise downtime of production processes
  • Analyse and resolve instances of production downtime


  • At least Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, Engineering or related field
  • Strong command of written and spoken English is preferable
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing principles is a bonus

Please apply here and mention Process Engineer in your application.