It is a matter of course that Bluechips Microhouse offers its customers certified quality. This starts with the thorough compliance of all standards customary in the industry. A well-functioning quality management system (QMS) is one of such. With the accreditation of ISO9001, Bluechips forms the basis for excellent products, seamless processes and the fulfilment of the stringent customer requirements.


  • A certified company develops, by means of firmly defined regulatory and control mechanisms, a QMS stabilized against external influences
  • Continuous improvement of the company is achieved by the fact that the QMS is consistent with the objectives and goals of Bluechips Microhouse.
  • Due to the increased focus on the topic of "leadership", top management is strongly involved in the interests of the QMS. In this way, the motivation is greatly enhanced across all levels of the company.
  • The QMS helps to identify Bluechips’ undiscovered opportunities.
  • Value creation for customers is directly influenced by the behavior. Through an effective consideration of the performance, innovations and customer satisfaction can be increased.
  • Through the objective assessment about the effectiveness of the QMS, the customer receives certainty regarding the consistency of the quality level.
  • A continuous improvement of the QMS is promoted through the monitoring of corrective measures.
  • The transparency of the processes is increased and the responsibilities are clearly distributed, which leads to increased efficiency as well as a reduction of process disturbances.

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