Bluechips NFC Nametag

Thank you for your interest in our Customisable NFC Nametag. In order to use the nametag effectively, we recommend you download one or both of the below applications for use with the nametag. The desktop application allows for the use of a range of NFC reader-writers to be used with the nametag. If you are using the ACR122 reader-writer distributed by Bluechips, the app will perform best if you download the latest driver for the device below.

The Android application can be added to your smartphone or tablet. Most modern devices from mainstream manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Google, HTC etc. will have NFC capabilities that are compatible with the Bluechips nametag. Due to restrictions placed on 3rd party developers, Apple devices are not currently able to work with the nametag.

More information on how to use this device with the nametag can be found in the downloadable instruction manual below. As this product is in a demonstration phase, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can use our contact form to provide us with more information.