New Product Introduction at Bluechips

The New Product Introduction team at Bluechips is the focal point of new projects; whether it is an upgrade of an existing product or a completely new design. Our department of NPI engineers work both on the oversight and follow through of these projects so that they are given the attention they deserve. As a result, we have a proud track record of helping customers bring new or updated products to market in a quick and effective manner via the following processes. 


Planning and Oversight

Planning & Oversight

A major part of any new project is making sure that the materials, capacity and documentation have been taken into appropriate consideration. Our NPI team excels at analysing projects as they begin and progress to make sure that everything can be produced on time and to your requirements.  Before any project begins, we take your specifications and work hard at implementing a full project plan to deliver prototypes, samples and eventually full production runs that follow our plan and meet your requirements. 

Customer Communication

Technical Customer Communication

As bringing in a new or updated product can be a complicated time for a company, our NPI team devote a lot of time to making sure that our customers can be involved in the process. That means communicating about the progress and any project complexities directly with the people in your team who need to stay in the loop. The majority of companies we work with stay with Bluechips for a long time due to our transparency and our NPI team also maintain that philosophy. Whatever technical issues you want to discuss, our NPI team are willingly available to do so. 

Internal Cooperation

Internal Cooperation

Customer communication is vital. However, our NPI team also has to communicate effectively within Bluechips to make sure that the entire team is working towards getting your new products to market at the agreed timeframe. No department goes untouched by NPI as everyone from R&D to Logistics and Planning to Process Engineering involved in manufacturing your products. Regular strategy meetings are spearheaded by the NPI team to make sure that your project has the suitable expertise and oversight at every single stage of our New Product Introduction programme .

Sampling and Test Runs

Sampling & Test Runs

Planning and communication are of great importance to Bluechips. However, it all adds up to nothing if we cannot make the product to the standard you expect. Before any products are sent to mass production, our team will happily work on prototypes, samples and test runs to make sure the quality, yield and overall finish of your product meets your expectations. Nothing will be transferred to mass production until it does. 

Process Optimization

Process Optimisation

It is one thing to get a new project to production, however, it is vital that Bluechips makes sure that it enters our production floor in an efficient manner for everybody. That means we optimise setup time, material flow, product handling and more to make sure that we can produce your product exactly to your specifications and in a timely manner. We don't stop working on improving our processes even when your products are in mass production. 

Bluechips Prodduction Handover

Production Handover

The final (and most crucial) stage of our NPI process in ensuring that your new product is handed over to our regular production process with the framework in place for it to be manufactured to a consistently high quality. Our NPI team will remain with the project until it hits our ambitious yield targets and that our production team are well aligned with the processes involved. Even then, the transition is gradual to further guarantee a long and successful partnership between your company and Bluechips.