As a sub-contractor for a wide range of companies and products, we have to have versatile production capabilities. Our state-of-the-art production floor makes this possible by offering:

  • PCB Assembly – SMT, COB & IMT
  • SMD Assembly – 3 x Samsung pick and place lines with a capacity of over 30m components per month
  • Wave Soldering – including Full  Tunnel Nitrogen Double Wave Solder Machine & Selective Soldering
  • Vapour Phase Soldering Machinery
  • Multiple Reflow Ovens
  • Die Bonding Capabilities
  • Trumpf Laser Marking and Screen Printing Capability
  • AOI (x3), X-ray and ICT Testing Machinery
  • Stencil & PCBA Cleaning Machines
  • Cable & Harness Assembling
  • CNC Milling, Metalwork and Laser Welding

As Bluechips offers full-product solutions to our customers, a lot of emphasis is placed on our R&D department. Through significant investment, Bluechips can offer you:

  • New product designs & concepts
  • Capabilities of designing firmware, hardware and embedded software.
  • Circuit & PCB design
  • EMC Design and testing
  • A smooth transition into mass production via our New Product Introduction department.
  • Technical support from our multi-national team in English, German, Italian, Thai, Russian and more.

To guarantee the highest possible quality of our products, automatic inspection as well as manual quality control is part of our in-house production.

Testing Possibilities

  • AOI -> Viscom S3088 Basic x2 -> 2.5D
  • AOI -> Viscom S3088 Altra -> 3D
  • X-ray -> Dage DX7500NT
  • SPI -> Solder Paste Inspection
  • In-Circuit Testing including boundary scan and functional tests
    • Sigma MTS300 machine x2
    • Dedicated ICT tester

Functional Testing Options:

  • Test equipment supplied by customer
  • Test equipment developed according to customer specifications based on LabVIEW soft/hardware