The experienced Bluechips Research & Development team ensure that all of our customer’s new products are designed, developed and manufactured with efficiency and expertise. All of Bluechips’ manufacturing capabilities are complemented by the R&D team who can offer product solutions for:

  • HMI Touch Panels & IPC
  • LCD-Modules
  • Embedded Systems
  • Software (WinCE)
  • Firmware for Microcontrollers
  • Schematics
  • PCB Layouts
  • Enclosure & Housing
  • Circuit Design

In order to offer a complete product development to our customers, our R&D team works closely with both the Product Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments; allowing Bluechips to take product ideas from concept to reality. Additionally, our commitment to building and sustaining relationships with our customers means that we are frequently tasked with optimising an existing product to the Bluechips standard.

Whether it is circuit board design, housing, software development or just an initial idea, our team has the expertise and experience to bring the idea to market. Not only do we have a diverse team and constantly improving resources, we have recognition of our work from the highest level. Our EMC design team is led by an officially appointed EMC expert as awarded by the German Government. We also benefit from a fruitful collaboration with local universities that allows Bluechips to benefit from the work of talented young engineers while providing the use of cutting edge equipment for students to hone their craft.


Prototype testing for PCBs in Research and Development