Research & Development

As we have positioned ourselves as a one-stop supplier for electronics, it is important that we an offer expertise from the very start of the production process. Bluechips has operated and invested heavily in our Research & Development team throughout our history in order to help our customers bring their concepts to life and optimize their products.


Software, Firmware and Hardware
Product Optimization
R&D team expertise

Software, Firmware
& Hardware

In order to fully help our customers advance their projects, our R&D team offers capabilities in the full development cycle; including the firmware, hardware and software of your products. As we can take care of the entire development and production, our customers have the peace of mind that the company they are working with has a full and nuanced understanding of the project at hand.

Product Optimisation

The Bluechips R&D service is not just focused on new products. In fact, many of the customers we help with development are looking to making marginal gains in cost, efficiency, power management or any other number of small details. These optimisations are felt throughout the product lifecycle and can be improved with each update to your product family.

Varied Expertise

Due to the huge variety of products that go through our manufacturing, it is important that our R&D team matches this variety of specialisations. Our team of engineers come from many international backgrounds with experience in a number of industries. Where we have not worked, we are excited to tackle projects head on and give our customers a new perspective. We work on in-house projects in order to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies in electronic production.   

Mechanic Engineering
NPI to Mass Production

Mechanical Engineering

Many EMS providers decline to invest in R&D. Among those who do, there are still many who stick to the circuitry and neglect to focus on housing. Our team of mechanical engineers work to make your projects compliant with your expectations on size, connectivity, element resistance and more. Complemented by our plastic and metal manufacturing, we are able to support your entire product.


The key to our R&D service is not just that we can fully develop your product but in the fact that, together with our production floor, create prototypes and samples for your approval. Using one supplier to take care of everything from the concept to a hands on look at your product can streamline your development cycle and get you to market faster and more effectively.

Handover to NPI
& Mass Production

When we help a customer develop or improve their products, the key to a successful production run is the smooth transition from development to NPI and onto mass production. Our R&D team work with our Product Engineering, NPI, QA and Production teams to make sure that this process is done efficiently and to the standards of all our longstanding production orders.