As a hallmark of the Bluechips service, we proudly offer our customers a start-to-finish electronic product solution. This way, rather than dealing with many suppliers for different aspects of your project, you can instead trust Bluechips Microhouse with your entire project; from concept through to the successful and continuous delivery of your product.

Trusting the importance of your project to just one reliable supplier can benefit your project at every stage. Whether it is transferring your product from the R&D phase to mass production or dealing with the procurement and internal quality control of your components, keeping the project under one roof ensures that your products will be manufactured in a timely manner to the quality that you rightly expect.

Bluechips has many years’ experience in taking the projects of our customer from an initial idea to a mass market success. Our infrastructure allows the successful transition of our customer’s products by conceptualising and prototyping your product in our experienced R&D department before our planning and purchasing departments deal with process of procuring the materials and scheduling your production requirements into our state-of-the-art production floor. Then, with your project running smoothly, our quality control and testing departments ensure the quality of your goods before our logistics team guarantee a timely and convenient shipping method for our customers.

Cycle showing the extensive service Bluechips offers its customers

However, as Bluechips works hard on building sustainable, long-term customer relations, our service does not stop with the initial delivery of your goods. As part of our commitment to quality, we ensure that the communication with our customers is as thorough and transparent as possible; with each customer being assigned a specially trained Key Account Manager to assist the process.

 If you believe you could benefit from working with Bluechips, regardless of where you are in your product cycle, please contact us for more information.