bluechips awards 

Bluechips was founded upon an unwavering commitment to quality. We proudly stand behind the work we do and as a result we have received numerous awards and accreditations. Our business strategy remains the same going forward, with more certifications in the pipeline in our continued self-improvement. Please find a list of some of our awards below:


ESD certification

Fixed control and regulatory mechanisms over the course of all phases of the production and processing of electronics make up the idea behind this certification. The focus here is on the complete avoidance of electrostatic discharge, a known factor for production losses. Therefore, all production steps were designed to meet ESD requirements.

Discover the benefits of ESD-compliant production and how your company can benefit from it.

ISO13485 Certification

Conformity with the highest production standards in the development and manufacturing of medical devices offers Bluechips' customers the certainty of outstanding quality. The focus is on the fulfilment of regulatory and customer requirements, risk management and the maintenance of effective processes.

Find out more about the advantages of ISO13485 accreditation.

ISO9001 Certification

The certification that has meanwhile become an industry standard, gives customers not only the certainty that Bluechips has an accredited quality management system; it also continues to confirm Bluechips constant pursuit of self-improvement.

Learn more about the benefits of certified quality management.

Further certifications of Bluechips Microhouse include:

  • ISO14001 certification
  • SSM Supplier Award
  • 2014 National Hand Soldering Championships Winner - Thailand (Ms. Yoawapa Kaewkong)
  • 2015  Hand Soldering World Championships – top 10
  • Thailand environmental award lauding our environmentally friendly operations
  • SA8000 certification highlighting our focus towards providing a positive workplace