We place great importance on the efficiency of our manufacturing; whether that is with cost, productivity or optimisation.

One of the best ways we manage to offer great prices to our customers is by managing our materials as effectively as possible. This has been a priority for the company throughout our history and, as technology has advanced, our methods have too.

We are rigorous in our selection of suppliers and regularly monitor their standards. By showing loyalty to the suppliers who offer the best quality and price, we have established a supply chain network wherein the benefits are passed on to the customer.

With the introduction of the SAP ERP system into the company almost 10 years ago, the entire supply chain is optimised automatically. By regularly updating our SAP, we ensure that materials are prepared, pricing is accurate and production is able to satisfy our orders. Furthermore, Bluechips has recently set up an Electronic Data Interchange with several of our suppliers to reduce lead-times, human error and cost to further improve our impressive on-time delivery and pricing benefits.

In-house Optimisation

With the materials ordered as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, we then rely on our new state-of-the-art factory to further optimise the material management system. Resourceful production times were at the heart of the design process of our new factory, meaning that our set-up times are minimised in order to get your products delivered in the best possible timeframe.

Bluechips also guarantees the quality of our materials by using a climate and humidity controlled warehouse. With every material we use stored in their optimal conditions, we make sure that our efforts centre on delivering you quality products for the best price rather than using materials that are anything less than perfect.